Where do events and performances take place?
Where can I find out more about Little Island performances?
Am I allowed to film or take photos of the performance?
What is your weather policy? Do performances ever get canceled or rescheduled?
What kind of performances do you have here?
Will I be able to get a seat if I am late for a performance in The Amph?


How much do tickets cost?
Where can I buy a ticket?
Do you have a lottery or standby tickets? Do you have discounted tickets?
Can I exchange or return my ticket?
I have an issue with my ticket, who should I contact?
I didn’t buy my ticket through Little Island. Do I have a valid ticket?
If tickets are sold out, what should I do?
What should I do if I can't find my tickets?
I purchased a ticket. Where are my seats?


My performance has been canceled. What should I expect?
Will I receive a refund for my canceled performance?
What do I do if I’ve not received my cancelation email?
I'm disappointed about the cancelation. Who can I talk to?

Food and Beverages

Where can I purchase food and beverage?
What food and beverage will be available for purchase?

Community Tickets

I am a community partner. How do I book my ticket?
Who are community partners?


Will there be shows with ASL interpretation?
Where is your wheelchair accessible seating located?
How do I book a wheelchair accessible seat?
Who do I contact for accommodations?